Malcolm doesn’t really suck

I only said that cause he was giving me grief about not making any posts for that day. And since I don’t really have much to write about today either, I’ll just add this link about the mp3 mini wurlitzer jukebox.

True cost of christmas

Sent to me in an email. As part of its annual tradition, PNC Bank tabulates the “true cost of Christmas,” which is the total cost of all of the items in the famous carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” including all of the repetitions. The price tag for the 364 items this holiday season is… Continue reading True cost of christmas

Foxtel digital rollout

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) cleared the final regulatory hurdle to Foxtel’s $600 million rollout of digital pay TV with the approval yesterday of third party access to Foxtel and Telstra’s digital platform. Why does this interest me? Because the rumour is that when foxtel roll out digital tv, they will be including… Continue reading Foxtel digital rollout

Funny signs and critters

While driving in America, it’s always good to look out for Road signs, when you’re not being distracted by the critters u love or by your new usb device.

First ever blog

Smash the bottle in to the computer, hoist up the cd drive and ahoy – we’re away. My first ever blog message on my first ever blogger on my first ever truly external webserver. I chose movable type as my blog software because it seemed popular, was free, had good support for modules and had… Continue reading First ever blog