Chandler Markets

Went to the Chandler Markets this morning and once again I wondered why I leave the house. It was virtually the same as the Rocklea markets. There is the requisite fruit and veg, goldfishes, dodgy stuff that should be in the bin and the poffertjies seller. What is it about Brisbane that makes everyone replicate… Continue reading Chandler Markets

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Standalone Divx player

It’s about time someone released a divx/dvd/mp3 player in Australia. I noticed MP-107 DVD player on the overclockers website. It’s only $315!! But is it flash upgradeable? Must investigate further.

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First ever blog

Smash the bottle in to the computer, hoist up the cd drive and ahoy – we’re away. My first ever blog message on my first ever blogger on my first ever truly external webserver. I chose movable type as my blog software because it seemed popular, was free, had good support for modules and had… Continue reading First ever blog