Day 2 – Langkawi

A restless night in bed – some people next to our room decided to hang out and chat loudly until the early morning, while the bed sagged in the middle to the point where Claire and I were holding on to the sides to keep from tumbling off. To wake up we went in search of Coffee for me and ended up at the Loaf in a new shopping centre on the main street. Apparently the chain is owned by the ex-prime minister of Malaysia. Somebody should tell him the coffee needs improvement *grumble grumble*.

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After filling our stomachs we headed back to the hotel to lay on deck chairs on the beach. They cost money but are just so worth it when you are going to be there a while. We sat under the umbrella, listened to spotify and read magazines while sipping on the crushed ice fruit juices Claire sourced from around the corner.

For lunch we walked back to Tomato Nasi Kandar to scoff down more curry. We really couldn’t get enough of this place.

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On the way back we discovered Facebook thongs.

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For dinner we tried to go to Casa Del Mar but they were booked out, so we just had cocktails again then headed back to the room to chill out. A very uneventful day, which is how you want it on your holidays. 🙂

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