Kuala Lumpur – Day 2

Up early thanks to our body clocks being set two hours ahead, so down to breakfast for the buffet. Traders buffet really is a work of art. It suits every nationality, from the congees, curries, sushi, donuts and egg chef. The omelette he made me was fantastic, while Claire tried random things like honey star cereal, blue cheese, aloo gobi curry with roti and a golden watermelon. I was a little more restrained but couldn’t resist the Danishes.

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Our next stop was the hop on hop off bus to get our bearings and lay of the land. Given that is was only 38 ringgit ($12 aud) and took us past all the attractions we figured it was the way to go. We had a hard time finding the stop because even though it was at the convention centre it was at the far end of it near the Mondrian hotel – the signs pointing to it disappeared the nearer we got to it.

The bus arrived before 9am and we were lucky enough to be first on. We took prime position on the second level right at the front and didn’t get off the entire first loop apart from the palace when I minded the seats while Claire investigated. The whole loop takes 3 hours and took us past bukit bintang – the shopping/ food district, Chinatown, little India, the palace, the KL tower, merdeka square, the old and new sentral train station and the national mosque. We absolutely loved the commentary as they used chinglish – so one place had lots of bar-gains, another had so-ven-yers and our personal favourite – the area was an “oasis of come”. We didn’t get off – the bus – because we were really enjoying it, but eventually we had to and chose to visit Chinatown, then little India, then take the monorail from sentral back to our hotel.

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Chinatown was like every other Chinatown in the world with copy goods, DVDs and watches. We did 30 mins there until the next bus and the best bit was walking down a Laneway of food stalls and raw meat. It seemed more authentic as it serviced the shop staff rather than the tourists.

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By now it was the middle of the day and stinking hot but we got off the aircon again in little India and walked the streets there. Both of us enjoyed it a lot more than chinatown because Claire wasn’t harassed here (why is she a target for hawkers and I’m not??) and it’s rare for us to see an India specific part of town. I loved seeing a store of just bracelets and it was just a much prettier street. We suspect that they must have night markets or food stalls at night cause the walkway was huge but empty. We didn’t do much other than look at both sides of the street because it was just so hot.

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Back on the bus we headed one more stop to sentral to find the monorail and most importantly the toilet. After bumbling around following arrows we found the toilet, then wandered through streets and construction sites only to find that the sentral monorail isn’t in sentral, it’s pretty much just down the road from where we were in little India.

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On the monorail we bought little tokens that work like go or oyster cards but are for short one trips for people who don’t have the cards. You hold the token near the reader like a card on the way in, then on your way out you put it in the slot. Much better than paper. We got off the monorail at raja chulan then found the covered air con walkway back to the convention centre and our hotel.

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By now it was almost 4.00 so we headed up to club level at the hotel and got a drink and the last of afternoon tea. Samosas were great. We also got the club concierge to book us a table at the grand millennium hotel for a Ramadan buffet. Although we hadn’t eaten since breakfast (apart from really spicy twisties) we took it easy at club so as not to ruin the buffet. We did manage to fit in two cocktails though which is awesome when they are free.

About 6pm we headed over to Bukit Bintang through the immense pavilion shopping centre to the Grand Millenium for the buffet. It was the last night of Ramadan so I expected it to be mental but we were let in early and given great seats – i think the concierge got us a perk.

The buffet at Grand Millenium was incredible. It had Malaysian sweets and Indian curries as well as western things like pizza. The star was the whole slab of lamb, but for me I loved the Malaysian salads the most. We didn’t go mental but got to try everything we wanted. The satay sticks were utterly brilliant too. I loved being able to try Malaysian food without worrying about not liking the whole plate.

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After dinner Claire and I wandered through uniqlo and the lame fahrenheit 88 shopping centre before going back to the pavilion for some upmarket shopping. We didn’t do too many shops as we were very tired so just took note of things to visit the next day and headed home to crash again at the end of a busy day where we ticked off lots of the things we wanted to see.

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