Kuala Lumpur – Day 3

Headed over to Petronas Towers before breakfast to buy tickets up to the observation deck however it was in vain. The towers were closed until Wednesday due to it being a public holiday for the end of Ramadan. We were pretty disappointed as it meant we couldn’t do it at all and should have done it the day before. At least we got a nice view of the sun coming up.

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After another breakfast at the Traders buffet we lazed around for a while before heading out to the shops. There is no point emerging before 10am in KL cause the shops don’t open until then, but the great part is that they stay open until 10pm.

Our first destination was the Pavilion, which was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel but done via air con covered walkways that always had someone cleaning them. The Pavilion was a very upmarket centre that had all the elite name brands plus some not so like Harvey Norman.

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Claire found some ray ban sunglasses that she really liked and was lucky to discover that they were half price. She ended up getting them for $153. Bar-gain! Claire bought me an adidas shirt, i bought her a pair of converse and we both bought a couple of gifts for people. We trawled each floor and stores for about 3 hours until we could shop no more, except that we had to. I needed to go to Berjaya time square you see for some sneakers stores.

Berjaya Times square is 1 monorail stop from Bukit Bintang at Imbi. In the 5 minutes walk from the pavilion to the monorail we were drenched from the heat and humidity even with sticking close to the air con doorways. Very pleased when the cooling air of the monorail train enveloped us.

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At Berjaya (which is attached to the Imbi station) we hit our shopping wall. Trying to find the sneaker store without actually knowing its name or floor level was almost impossible when we discovered how big this shopping centre was. 6 floors, 3 sections, each the size of a mall by itself meant our patience was tested. After a coffee and a free wifi internet check which allowed us to sit down and regroup we were able to face the world again – especially as we now knew the shop floor, number and name.

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Looking for that store we found another sneaker store that had some really unique kicks. I was tempted by a pair but waited to see the store I had come for first. At showroom i found a few good shoes but nothing that made me want to pull the trigger. So it was back to the other store to buy the sub pop Nike blazers for around $60. Total bargain given how collectable they are.

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We finished at the store after checking out the amusement park on the top floor (but only from a distance). Then it was back to the monorail then the hotel to chill in club and our room. A break was desperately required given how much walking we had done.

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In club we had the canap├ęs as our dinner and some amazing cocktails that were very moorish. Eventually we were rested enough to hit the Suria KLCC. Its a shopping centre nearest to our hotel and to rest our weary feet we caught the buggy that leaves from the hotel doorstep. 5 minutes later skirting the edge of KLCC park we were thrust in to the world of commerce again.

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Claire and I were more methodical here and hit the shops we wanted to see – Marks and Spencer’s being the top of the list. Here Claire enjoyed a taste of the uk and we both ended up buying some undies (since I had heard how awesome they are from Cheryl). We then hit Gap just before it shut early. It seemed like all the stores were closing early thanks to the public holiday. I tried to buy a sim card from celcom but they said the systems were down so I couldn’t. Wasn’t too impressed by the customer service there but decided to go back the next day to get the card.



Headed back to the hotel after that since all the shops had shut and gratefully fell in to a restful sleep in our hotel oasis where our poor feet could get a break.

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