Albums of 2012

My favourite albums of the year, in no particular order. Missy Higgins – The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle She disappeared for a long time, questioning whether she actually wanted to make music any more. Thankfully for us, she was convinced back after doing a concert and delivered her most interesting album yet. Butterfly Boucher has had… Continue reading Albums of 2012

Singles of 2012

Here it is, something I try to do every year, but don’t always achieve it. I’d say my top 10 leans towards poppy dancing songs, but I have thrown a few indie and hip hop tunes in there as well to mix it up. 1. M.I.A. – Bad Girls Rihanna, imma let you finish, but… Continue reading Singles of 2012

Albums of 2011

This was a tale of two moods year. The beginning of the year was all moody introspective albums where you can imagine me standing in the rain and not caring, while the second half was all cheery rebirth stuff primarily because I’d met my girlfriend and we were having a great time listening to music… Continue reading Albums of 2011

Albums of 2010

Had a lot of time to listen to music this year, with about 5 months off work in total, yet somehow I didn’t listen enough. The dance trend of last year has continued and I’m starting to question where my indie roots are going, without an Arcade Fire or Midlake album in sight. I think… Continue reading Albums of 2010

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Albums of 2009

For me, this year was more about singles. The only time I didn’t have ADHD with music was when I was listening to an hour long trance track and that was purely so that I could get the playcount to 1 in my ipod. To actually put an album on high rotation was an effort,… Continue reading Albums of 2009

Albums of 2008

Pop was fantastic this year. It’s like bankruptcy and horror made people long for happy songs and dancing so the output was joyous and fun. The fact that there were so many releases that would good made it hard for me to pick my favourite albums of the year which is a good problem to… Continue reading Albums of 2008

Ring tone for Kelly

I first chose Dance Floor Anthem (because she doesn’t want to be alone) but she preferred Fancy pants, but I have hit upon the perfect ringtone for when Kelly rings me. Yes it’s basic, but it gets the message across with humour and style. Thanks to Smudge for their input: Kelly Ringtone

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Theme song for Logan City

While he was listening hard to the Dr Horrible soundtrack Chris discovered today that Logan City is having a competition to create a theme song for the city. He set me a challenge to come up with one, so I took the obvious route with this choice (please imagine there is a tune that goes… Continue reading Theme song for Logan City

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