Day 38 – Saigon

Final day with my vietnam tour group and we spend it going to the Cu Chi Tunnels. These are the tunnels the Viet Cong used to combat the Americans so successfully. We went to the tourist version of them which is about 1.5 hours out of Saigon. The bus we took with 11 people on… Continue reading Day 38 – Saigon

Day 36 – Nha Trang to Saigon

5.15am wake up to catch a mini bus to the Mekong Delta at 6.30am which would take around 12-13 hours. Only problem was, when we got down to the lobby Hui told us that the bus wasn’t going to turn up until 8-9am. Bus driver wasn’t in Nha Trang yet or something. That raised all… Continue reading Day 36 – Nha Trang to Saigon

Day 33 – Hoi An

Breakfast was an array of cold frittered fruit and cold pineapple pancakes which wasn’t too bad. Probably the most unique breakfast I have had so far. We were up early because we were all going for a bike ride to the beach. A few dipped out though due to belly sickness or uneasiness with the… Continue reading Day 33 – Hoi An

Day 32 – Hue to Hoi An

The morning in Hue was our own free time until 12pm, so I wandered the streets randomly after breakfast and spent time talking to a guy who takes people on motorcycle tours around Hue. Later I found out the others had all found the markets (individually) and I got midly annoyed that I had missed… Continue reading Day 32 – Hue to Hoi An

Day 31 – Hue

Sleep was fitful but mostly quiet except for some guy walking down the hallway whistleing in the middle of the night. What the fuck is up with that? It’s always cool to wake up with stuff going past the window. Toilet was one of those ones that drop straight on to the tracks which isn’t… Continue reading Day 31 – Hue

Day 30 – Hanoi

Early solo breakfast in the hotel then met with the tour group at 8.30am. This was our first trip together as a complete group and I got to meet the two young Aussies Lisa and Luke (first time overseas for Luke first in Asia for Lisa). 9 of us in the tour van and our… Continue reading Day 30 – Hanoi

Day 29 – Halong Bay to Hanoi

A maintenance type of day today. Woke up at 6.15 for what I thought was 7am breakfast (turned out to be 7.30). Outside my window was a magneficent view of halong bay rocks and water surrounded my mist. Had the top of the boat to myself for a bit of a walk and it was… Continue reading Day 29 – Halong Bay to Hanoi