Final Bits

So Shamus the builder has been given his whisky, the roller door has been installed and we now have speakers on walls. Everything is over. But don’t think the money has stopped hemorrhaging. Having a new space means you have to buy all the odds and ends for them like towels, beds, mats, rugs, cupboards… Continue reading Final Bits

Electricity completed

It’s been a week of no action on the renovation front since Shamus has been in Western Australia. Finally today there has been some action thanks to the electricians fitting all the lights and even a surprise vent in the shower and smoke detector that I wasn’t expecting.  This is what the upstairs room looks… Continue reading Electricity completed

A milestone moment

The plumber came yesterday to put in all the fittings, which to Pauline’s excitement means she no longer has to go downstairs if she needs to go to the loo in the middle of the night! This also marks a pivotal moment in our renovation, we have finally achieved the second bathroom we have always… Continue reading A milestone moment

More painting

So the colours have gone in, but the trims aren’t done yet so final judgement is being reserved. Right now downstairs looks like a white minimalist Edina/Patsy combination while the upstairs bathroom becomes oddly the most feminine paint choice we have in the house. Although a home theatre is best served being dark, I’ve tried… Continue reading More painting

Finishing off starts

Like Chris and Drew said, things start to go a lot slower at this point in the renovations. You spend all day looking forward to coming home to see the next big transformation and all they’ve done is some sanding and a protective paint coat which doesn’t look like much but took them all day.… Continue reading Finishing off starts

Upstairs bathroom transformed

The poor builders spent most of Saturday’s 36 degree heat sweltering in my upstairs bathroom attaching mini-orb and tongue and groove. I’ve gone through a lot of discussions with various builders over my choice of mini-orb since apparently it’s not a material they like to work with. Each of them tried to talk me out… Continue reading Upstairs bathroom transformed

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We have light

I came home yesterday to find we had down lights all over the place and they were illuminated! No more showering by lamp light! The only problem was, although we had lights and the microwave worked, none of the computers or fridge would turn on. About four hours later the electrician came back and fixed… Continue reading We have light