So Shamus the builder has been given his whisky, the roller door has been installed and we now have speakers on walls. Everything is over. But don’t think the money has stopped hemorrhaging. Having a new space means you have to buy all the odds and ends for them like towels, beds, mats, rugs, cupboards and projectors. Pauline and I have spent a couple of weekends lugging furniture around as well as putting it together and frankly we were pretty exhausted. We still have lots to do – especially as the speaker install put some great big holes in the walls thanks to the plasterers moving the cable:


The home theatre guy goes to all the trouble of setting up the speaker wire at the beginning of the build process, then the plasterers decide to tuck the frigging wire up in to the ceiling so that when it’s time to actually install the speakers the HT guy has to cut a big hole in the freshly painted wall just so he can get to it. Not only that but he has to cut through the glue that keeps the plaster attached to wall since there was no other way to get it to the speaker. So now it looks like I’ll be learning the art of plastering (which is something I’m actually interested in trying – only because it’s a patch job not a whole wall).

At least we’ve now been able to move a lot of the junk that was in the “dining room” out to a newly created junk area and made ourselves what I like to call “The Adult Room”. It’s very 1920s-1950s which is quite different to the downstairs high tech area. The bar, the wood and the 50s dining table are ever so retro but interestingly enough it has enticed Pauline and I to eat dinner at the table (we always had breakfast there but dinner was in front of the tv). This has spawned unique things to us like “conversation” and “communication”.  Think how was your day dear? kind of stuff. 🙂

IMG_4030.jpgFor now it is my new favourite room until I kit out downstairs with
some art and make it more homely – it’s kind of bare at the moment. I know the blue curtains don’t work with the green walls but do you have any idea how much it would cost to replace them?



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