Day 7 – Tokyo

Robot Restaurant

Started the day around the corner from our hotel with some Segafredo coffee and croissants, which was ok, but the thing that sucks about Japanese cafes is also what makes them authentic – it’s still ok to smoke in them. Given that eating and smelling smoke is a totally unheard of concept now in Australia,… Continue reading Day 7 – Tokyo

Day 5 – Osaka to Hakone

A nice breakfast in the Swissotel Club lounge, which included sausages and tomatoes.   Then we were back on the Shinkansen heading for Odawara, which was a transfer station to get us to Hakone. On the train we encountered some other tourists just as we were getting off, they were asking if we were heading… Continue reading Day 5 – Osaka to Hakone

Day 4 – Kyoto to Osaka

Knowing that we were leaving Kyoto for Osaka later in the day, we got up early, had breakfast, checked out but left our bags at the hotel and headed for the train station. We weren’t heading for a bullet train, we were making our way to the local JR train to take us to Arashiyama which is… Continue reading Day 4 – Kyoto to Osaka

Day 3 – Kyoto

Today we had decided to attempt Japan Guide’s Eastern Kyoto’s Full Day Itinerary. But before heading out we went down for our free breakfast at the Ibis which was our first look at the types of items on offer at a Japanese hotel. There was congee, curry, miso soup, eggs, fruit, sausages and most importantly… Continue reading Day 3 – Kyoto

Day 1 – Sydney to Tokyo via Brisbane

I have flown a lot of flights in my lifetime (especially in the past four years) and nearly every time in has been in economy. Walking past the business seats seems to emphasise how tiny the cramped seats and you can’t help but wish you were the person who had shelled out obscene amounts of… Continue reading Day 1 – Sydney to Tokyo via Brisbane