Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman

Girlfriend sends message to boyfriend (youtube video): Boyfriend replies (youtube video) Revenge is always sweeter. Totally not safe for work.

The Chasers do Grease

The Chasers War on Everything uses Greased Lightning to stick it up to the SUV drivers. As a scooter rider I whole heartedly agree with their message. In case you missed it the other night, here it is on youtube:

Jail Bird

Saw this on the news last night and it kept me laughing for ages. It may look pretty stupid but I totally identify with this guy when it comes to the relationship you have with a cockatiel. My favourite quote is “I’m not worried about the bird, where’s your wife?”. The best bit is the… Continue reading Jail Bird

Top Chef

Thanks to Chris and Helen I’ve been addicted to a show called Top Chef which is on the Lifestyle Food Channel on Foxtel. It’s kind of like Survivor for Chefs except that they get to sleep in beds with a roof over their heads. Like all reality type shows the drama is in the relationships… Continue reading Top Chef

Nobody’s watching

There is probably some sort of viral marketing for a television network but it’s pretty damn cool. If the words Growing Pains, Who’s the boss, Fresh Prince, Eight is enough and Friends draw fond memories from you then “Nobody’s Watching” is the perfect show for you. Apparently this was a pilot made for the WB… Continue reading Nobody’s watching

Grand Designs

My Saturday morning ritual usually consists of waking up an hour before Pauline and watching the tv show called Grand Designs. It’s hosted by Kevin McCloud who isn’t the usual pretty face that provides a segway between ads but a qualified architect who knows all the right questions to ask. The show follows people who… Continue reading Grand Designs

Hooray for Clerks!

Wicked, there is a sequel to one of my favourite films ever called Clerks. Guess what it’s called? Clerks 2! There are a couple of trailers up on You tube, my favourite being the silence of the lambs one. Silence of the lambs Clerks 2 Trailer Heavy Metal Clerks 2