Hooray for Clerks!

Wicked, there is a sequel to one of my favourite films ever called Clerks. Guess what it’s called? Clerks 2! There are a couple of trailers up on You tube, my favourite being the silence of the lambs one.

  1. Silence of the lambs Clerks 2 Trailer
  2. Heavy Metal Clerks 2



One thought on “Hooray for Clerks!

  1. Dumfa

    And Kevin comes full circle: Can’t wait for this one – the original clerks still makes me kak myself every time I see it. Not to mention a merkin gag in the trainwreck clips – what more does a boy need !!
    I still remember the first time I saw this flick. It was one of my regular video day sickies from work. I used to go down to the vid store, grab myself 5 vids for $10, a shitload of HJ’s for lunch ( guess that explains the svelt figure I now have) and settle in for a day of movie madness.
    I recall the feeling of “oh crap its in black and white and it looks so amateur this is gonna stink!” and then the joyous rapture of the eye candy that is Silent Bob, who could turn that off I ask you. Silent Bob you could park your big black coat under my bed any day !!!!

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