Albums of 2012

My favourite albums of the year, in no particular order. Missy Higgins – The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle She disappeared for a long time, questioning whether she actually wanted to make music any more. Thankfully for us, she was convinced back after doing a concert and delivered her most interesting album yet. Butterfly Boucher has had… Continue reading Albums of 2012

Singles of 2012

Here it is, something I try to do every year, but don’t always achieve it. I’d say my top 10 leans towards poppy dancing songs, but I have thrown a few indie and hip hop tunes in there as well to mix it up. 1. M.I.A. – Bad Girls Rihanna, imma let you finish, but… Continue reading Singles of 2012

Day 30 – San Francisco to Big Sur

Another early morning wakeup in San Francisco (did I even get one sleep in?) to go get the hire cars. All four drivers had to go and sign in, so it was Pauline and I, Madonna and Mat. We didn’t really want to take two cars, but an eight seater van wouldn’tAnother early morning wakeup… Continue reading Day 30 – San Francisco to Big Sur

Day 29 – San Francisco

It should be illegal to get up earlier than 7am on your holidays, but for a segway ride in Sausalito it is worth it. Mum decided not to risk ruining her holidays with broken bones so she occupied herself for the morning while the rest of us headed off to the ferry via the cable… Continue reading Day 29 – San Francisco

Day 28 – San Francisco

Today was visit Alcatraz day. Visiting Alcatraz was the highlight of my 2003 trip so I was excited to go again. We caught the cable car down to Fisherman’s Wharf which turned out to be a bad idea since the ferry pier had changed from when I went and it was further down near the… Continue reading Day 28 – San Francisco

Day 27 – San Francisco

First full day in San Francisco and we decided to drive to Berkeley mainly because we planned to drop the car off that afternoon. Not everyone was interested in seeing the university though, so the only ones who came were Fiona, Mum, Pauline and I. We picked up the car in front of the hotel… Continue reading Day 27 – San Francisco

Day 26 – Ukiah to San Francisco

This was our final day as a group of 5 since we were due to meet up with Kelly, Mat and Madonna later in the afternoon. It also happened to be Mothers day and I couldn’t think of anything better to do than take a drive through the Napa Valley and reunite my Mother with… Continue reading Day 26 – Ukiah to San Francisco

Day 25 – Crescent City to Ukiah

Breakfast in the hotel at the Lighthouse Inn. The usual american carb heavy servings of bagels and muffins were on offer along with a bowl of fruit. I was a little uninspired by the offering but at this stage my cold was in full effect and I wasn’t that hungry. At least there was coffee… Continue reading Day 25 – Crescent City to Ukiah

Day 24 – Portland to Crescent City

I suppose when you stay in a hotel that has 4 bars and a cinema you are likely to encounter a bit of raucous behavior. After the wonderful night sleep I’d had the night before I had forgotten there was a potential for this to occur, so when I was awoken by doors slamming in… Continue reading Day 24 – Portland to Crescent City

Day 23 – Portland

After a great night sleep I woke up with a sore throat and congestion. Was petrified that I was getting tonsillitis again which I’d had a few months earlier in a really bad way. Nothing would ruin my trip more than a week of that – even the dreaded Swine Flu that everyone was talking… Continue reading Day 23 – Portland