Day 50 – Phuket to Brisbane

Alas, it was my final day in Thailand and my final day of the trip. 50 days as a solo traveller, although it didn’t feel like it thanks to twitter, facebook and the strangers I spoke to on the way. I spent the morning doing a final pack since I couldn’t really go swimming if… Continue reading Day 50 – Phuket to Brisbane

Day 45 – Ayutthaya to Bangkok

It was way too hot to ride the bike around Ayutthaya in the morning so I had a breakfast of crepes, wandered the streets for a while then took the bike back. Also went to a department store that was sort of a lower class one compared to the ones I’d seen in Bangkok. This… Continue reading Day 45 – Ayutthaya to Bangkok

Day 43 – Kanchanaburi

Spent the morning eating breakfast, changing to a cheaper but similar type room (with shittier tv reception) and lazing about. After lunch, around 1.30 a jumbo tuk tuk came to pick me up. It already had 4 in the truck and we were full with 9 people after visiting a bunch of guesthouses. Had to… Continue reading Day 43 – Kanchanaburi