Day 50 – Phuket to Brisbane

Alas, it was my final day in Thailand and my final day of the trip. 50 days as a solo traveller, although it didn’t feel like it thanks to twitter, facebook and the strangers I spoke to on the way. I spent the morning doing a final pack since I couldn’t really go swimming if… Continue reading Day 50 – Phuket to Brisbane

Day 49 – Phuket

Breakfast in the hotel today – a very expensive buffet and really probably not worth it except for the incredible¬†omelet¬†the egg chef made. Although the selection was ok, it just didn’t have that “oh la la” feeling that I’ve had in places like the Marco Polo hotel in Hong Kong or the Mandalay Bay in… Continue reading Day 49 – Phuket

Day 45 – Ayutthaya to Bangkok

It was way too hot to ride the bike around Ayutthaya in the morning so I had a breakfast of crepes, wandered the streets for a while then took the bike back. Also went to a department store that was sort of a lower class one compared to the ones I’d seen in Bangkok. This… Continue reading Day 45 – Ayutthaya to Bangkok

Day 43 – Kanchanaburi

Spent the morning eating breakfast, changing to a cheaper but similar type room (with shittier tv reception) and lazing about. After lunch, around 1.30 a jumbo tuk tuk came to pick me up. It already had 4 in the truck and we were full with 9 people after visiting a bunch of guesthouses. Had to… Continue reading Day 43 – Kanchanaburi