Planning for my USA Trip

I’ve been a little bit bored with my site lately so I’ve added a skin to change the look and feel of it. I’ve also added a lifestream link on the right hand side courtesy of friendfeed. This enables you to see what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the internet, like on twitter, youtube,… Continue reading Planning for my USA Trip

Ready for Hong Kong

Tomorrow I head off to Hong Kong for a week long trip of culture shock. In my research I’ve found that Hong Kong is the junction of east and west, rich and poor, new and old. I’m looking forward to being enamoured of just going to a grocery store. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog… Continue reading Ready for Hong Kong

Socceroos in Sydney

I started blogging the first day of our trip but when I read it back I virtually fell asleep. Instead of my usual long detailed blog entry, I’ll give the highlights:

Organising for travel

When I go away on holidays I do a hell of a lot of research before I go. Trolling the net I find multiple quotes for flights, accommodation, restaurants and entertainment. Usually it will come down to three or more choices, for example, in planning for a trip to Hong Kong that I’m taking soon,… Continue reading Organising for travel

German Thoughts

It’s only a few more days until I discover if I’m going to the world cup and I’m a bit hesitant to write this post. Mostly because I’m afraid the Germans won’t like me after I say this which would suck because I think I’m really going to like their country. I’ve been doing some… Continue reading German Thoughts

Budget travel trips

Since travel is in my brain thanks to the potential journey I’m taking to the 2006 World Cup in Germany, I thought I’d share some of my travel trips I’ve gained over the years (mostly from my mother). 1. Fight mediocre with an occasional treat. Accommodation isn’t great value when you think that the majority… Continue reading Budget travel trips

The entertainer

Although I pride myself on my navigation skills I tend to become a little overconfident sometimes. This is my excuse for making Maggie get off the wrong exit, drive into a deserted sports club, turn around, get back on the freeway, take the next exit, take the wrong left turn, turn around then finally get… Continue reading The entertainer