It’s only a few more days until I discover if I’m going to the world cup and I’m a bit hesitant to write this post. Mostly because I’m afraid the Germans won’t like me after I say this which would suck because I think I’m really going to like their country. I’ve been doing some research on alternative accommodation in Germany as it will be quite expensive staying in hotels during the games. The thing is, the inside of their apartments and homes look like they were designed by a blind feral. Normally I wouldn’t notice, but since I’m also visiting Barcelona websites which I swear are all from the pages of a modern home design magazine, it becomes glaringly obvious. I guess maybe the Germans spend all their time creating modern technological marvels like Porches and Powertools they haven’t got time to turn inwards to their home.

The other research I’ve been doing for the trip is brushing up on my gaydar skills. If you can get better than 4 in the “Lesbian or German Lady?” game, you will truly impress me. It is sooooo hard I tell you.

Auf Wiedersehen!



3 thoughts on “German Thoughts

  1. Kel says:

    Asked Jens and he said that it’s because Germans sit outside drinking beer and eating sausages so they don’t care about their homes. He should know – he IS a german!!

  2. Dumfa says:

    Ha – easy peazy – got 6/9 my gaydar rocks!
    As for the 3 they “Say” I got wrong – Bah rigged.
    Be warned in Germany Amy – no-one and I mean no-one respects your personal space, be prepared to move out of THEIR way!
    Spain – Madrid home of the strawberry tree bears – yummm. o(~_-)o

  3. xeno says:

    I shouldn’t write this because it will reveal my ignorance when it comes to geography. I could go look it up first but, oh well… Louise told me when she was in Oslo she was trampled while waiting in what she thought was a queue for a ski lift. She sustained a leg injury and will never forget the shock of the pushy europeans. I hope I have the right region.


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