No sooner than I had pressed publish on my fangirl ode to apple that my troubles started. The hard drive is dead, kaput, finished. It’s making light saber noises like Luke Skywalker and isn’t being recognised by any repair software. Thankfully we had time to back it up before it totally died. I’ve ordered a Hitachi 100GB to replace it which is a nice gain of 20GB and supposedly it’s faster. I just hope the three hours it will take to pull apart the powerbook and put it back together aren’t a waste.

All this doesn’t stop me from still being a fangirl. Currently I’m using a dodgy Toshiba laptop that Pauline brought back from work for me to thrash and try to crash. It’s this plasticy feeling shitty huge thing with a monitor that feels like it’s going to break off if I bend it just a little. It just reminds me how good I’ve got it with the build quality on my powerbook. I miss my little cutipie.



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