Woo! It’s one of my rare drunken posts! Pauline is off on holiday with her sister at Burrum Heads and I’m here alone. I’m up to my fourth beer which is very bizarre because normally I have a headache after the first one. I’m on a happy buzz and I think it’s cause the problem at work that I’ve been struggling with for the past few days has been proven not to be my problem. Woo!!!!!!!! As a drunk, it’s important to think about shoes.

I’ve always taken my sneaker preferences from my idols. Converse were my standard through the grunge phase, but the dunlop volleys were my fallback when the connies weren’t available. Then I went Airwalk for my indie/skate stage which seemed to be very stinky thanks to the suede. I’m currently in an adidas stage which has lasted for quite a while. I had the sambas for my soccer seasons and now I’m currently loving my goodyears for the vespa pit stop (it’s important to have tyres as your soles when riding a scooter).

Interjection – I’m watching vh1 right now and wondering why the hell Mariah Carey is cavorting in a soccer net without a soccer ball. Why does anyone like her?

I feel like right now our music heroes are letting us down. Where is the sandshoe guidance? Where are the Run-DMC or Kurt Cobains of today? How am I going to know what sneaker to turn to next? Sure, they are giving us music but I need musician dictating rules for my feet. Pretty soon I’m going to have to make choices for myself and we don’t want to see what comes out of that.



4 thoughts on “Drunken shoe rant

  1. Kel says:

    That was a pretty funny drunken rant. Musicians were still dictacting footwear up until 1996 – remember the Spice Girls age and the platforms that made you 10 foot tall?

  2. Cakes says:

    You’re dead right, Amyo.
    After all, who wants to wear runners purely for their sporting prowess????
    The best runners I ever had – Nike Air Max Classics – were fantastic purely because their air pockets made me look ten feet tall and stopped my cargos from dragging along the floor!
    Love this site btw.

  3. Jules says:

    Ahhh…. this binge explains why you accepted my daily offer of a Berrocca for the first time ever.

    Adidas take the cake for cool shoes due to their stripes on the side. Dunlops are great for climbing trees!


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