Woo, my Tunnel photo made the interestingness section in flickr!!! Admittedly it’s the ninth page, but I don’t care. Within two days it’s already become my second most popular photo so at that rate it’s going to take over my Mcdonalds one. Sweet. Another case of right time right place.

A night out in Brisbane

On thursday night I thought I’d take advantage of the knowledge I’d gained at the Tafe course and went out to get some night shots. My aim was to get some photos of Brisbane that aren’t the usual Story Bridge or city skyskrapers near the river. I ended up getting some of the best photos… Continue reading A night out in Brisbane

Canon 350D first impressions

Let me start by saying I’ve never had an SLR before, let alone a digital one. I was never much interested in taking pictures until Pauline got a Fuji Finepix 2800z which I commandered and I have used avidly over the past few years. Combined with the blog and the instant feedback of a digital… Continue reading Canon 350D first impressions

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