Went to the motor show a few weeks ago and have finally to around to uploading the photos to my gallery. You may notice the percentage of efijy photos is high compared to the other cars but that is simply because I absolutely lust after that vehicle. It was probably the only car at the show that really turned my head as everything else seemed bland. This was dissapointing as Pauline was in the market for a new car but wasn’t turned on by any of them. I did think that she should get the Alfa 147 Diesel thanks to it’s 4.4 litres per 100kms (perfect for her long commutes to Ipswich) and it’s 1-100 time of 8 seconds. Sitting in it felt like home to me and I know she felt it too. I suspect that if the turning circle was better she’d be lining up for a test drive right now.



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