All my photos are immediately imported in to iphoto when I plug my camera in to the powerbook. Some photos head for the gallery, some to flickr and the rest just sit in iphoto awaiting my perusal. This tends to frustrate Pauline as sometimes she would like to browse through the photos without interupting my use of the laptop. Thankfully the iphoto plugins website came to the rescue with a story about Webphoto.

Webphoto is an OSX application that has an inbuilt web server and java photo application all in one. Basically you just have to start the app and it will recognise what ip address you are using and share out your library on that address. You can set up users so that people have to log in to view it or just leave it open for anyone who has a web browser. Unfortunately the grey colour the designer used is pretty ugly but if you get past that it is a pretty useful application. The users can even view your smart albums and key words. Pretty good for a home network, but it would need some sex appeal in it’s design before I would consider sharing it out over the internet.



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