Since I’m feeling a bit homebodiesh this week I thought I’d supply a list of all the cool home accessories and gadgets that have caught my eye over the past few months. If I owned a bits and bobs type store this would be all the stuff I’d sell. But not at those scary inflated prices that those retro stores do it at. I’d operate under exclusivity and short stock turnover, so that I only had 10 of each item, wouldn’t sell any more and if we ran out, tough because I’d sell a whole bunch of new stuff every two weeks or so. I don’t know if I’d make any money but it would be fun to shop in my store. In my dreams anyway.



1 thought on “Nesting tendencies

  1. Kel says:

    My favourite is the Help! Plug, because that’s just hilarious, followed by the thongs for the wine glass.


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