Although I pride myself on my navigation skills I tend to become a little overconfident sometimes. This is my excuse for making Maggie get off the wrong exit, drive into a deserted sports club, turn around, get back on the freeway, take the next exit, take the wrong left turn, turn around then finally get us to the right road. At least I could distract her with Mentos so that she wasn’t completely regretting that she gave me a lift down to the Gold Coast.

Entertainer HorrorArriving at the house around 8pm we drove hesitantly down the driveway as we weren’t sure that we had the right place. It sort of looked like the picture but it was hard to tell in the dark. On the right hand side of the palm lined driveway there was the half size tennis court and a pool but it wasn’t until I caught a glimpse of the huge pink awnings on each window that I was confident we had the right place. The awnings give it a kind of heavy lidded look that reminded me of the house in The Amityville Horror. A bay window gave us an excellent view of the wet bar and neon “Kebabs” sign from the driveway but it was all false advertising as there wasn’t a kebab in sight. Danielle let us in through the large entryway that was decked out in stained glass (in fact the whole house had so much stained glass that I kept confusing it for a church). Then she gave us the tour.

Stained Glass“The Entertainer” has 3 levels of entertaining goodness. The bottom floor houses a huge rumpus room with the wetbar, a stereo, tv, gamecube and an amazing couch. This is a perfect set up for dancing or karaoke while getting drunk. Around the corner is a ping pong table and a two car garage. The middle level has a kitchen, bathroom, lounge room with inernet, tv, austar an air conditioner, a dining room and a huge deck that overlooks Tallebudgera Valley. The top level has 5 bedrooms (one with an ensuite), a bathroom and a large cupboard. On the middle level near the stairwell is a mirror that covers the entire wall and managed to freak out nearly everyone because you think someone is walking up the stairs but in fact it’s just you. I instantly dubbed it the Frat House as it is what I imagine one would be like. All it needed was some kegs out the front and someone’s underwear hanging from a flag.

Windmill ThaiOur arrival was a signal for food discussions to begin. It was decided that thai would be the meal of choice for all those who didn’t have sensitive stomachs. The others would have to be satisfied with KFC. About 6 of us headed off to find a bottleshop and pick up the food. Graham experienced horrible service at The Pines KFC while we took a long walk around the pines to what we thought was “The Fridge” but in fact was “Pillowtalk”. The damn blue lights get us everytime. Our next drive took us bush to find the Thai Restaurant. It seemed like we were heading out in to the wilderness when we came across a windmill. Windmills always signify Thai food so we knew this was the place (sarcasm here). Graham nearly ran up Glen’s bum (with the car!) as we turned in to the driveway and got told off by Justine. The thai place looked nervous about the fact that 6 people were walking in to the restaurant at 8.30pm but we were all just there to get the takeway. Must have looked pretty funny. They told us where we could get some of the much needed alchohol. We crisscrossed Currumbin, the Pines and Elonora in search of a bottleshop and ended up at the Currumbin RSL takeaway. I was shocked to learn that the Gold Coast bottleshops close around 8-9 on Fridays and Saturdays. What’s up with that?

The rest of the night was spent scoffing the food, drinking the grog and talking about the Norman. I went to bed about 1am ready for the next big day.



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  1. dbee says:

    yeah, the mirrors on the stairs freaked me out too! Since I was the very first person in the house and when I ‘thought’ I saw someone there, I got a bit of a shock initially! hehe


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