I’m heading off to the Gold Coast for a 3 night weekend as a kind of schoolies weekend for 30 year olds so no posts until I get back. Hopefully it will mean though that there will be some interesting stories, even if they are just “oh it was psychedelic at infinity” (but I suspect there will be better stories than that). In leau of posts from me, I thought I’d post some interesting links to keep you occupied:

Enjoy your weekend, cause I surely will be.



2 thoughts on “3 nights at the Gold Coast

  1. William Bartholomew says:

    Deviant art has been one of my favourite websites for a while; some of the prose and photography is amazing.

    Also, the other great place to find new software is the SnapFiles RSS feed (they clearly put in the title of each application if it’s freeware or shareware which is handy):



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