Just when I get my new blog design 80% finished Six Apart go and announce that movable type 3.2 is coming. It doesn’t mean have too much effect on the visual design I’ve done, but all the time sweating over the tags that the application uses may all be for nought as they are changing. From the looks of the website they are announcing one new feature each day, so with 32 features I’d say it’s less than a month away. Since that isn’t too far away I may as well hold off implementing my version so I can take advantage of the new features.

The reason behind my redesign was to make it a little bit easier to navigate the travel parts of my site. I’ve found that a daily blog design isn’t really useful for a reading about a trip. Since most blogs display the latest entry first, if you enter at the end of the trip you have to start reading from the bottom which isn’t very intuitive. God help you try to navigate if you come to a solitary page from google because you don’t really have any idea of the context it is in if it is part of a series. I’m basically splitting each trip off in to it’s own category with it’s own templates. This will allow me to tailor the links specifically for that trip and also have a more integrated photo gallery. I’m loving how it works at the moment in my test so I can’t wait to get that out to the public.

I also wanted to display a little bit more on the front page without having to scroll so far down. So the site will look completely different, but thanks to the powers of the database driven movable type I don’t have to create the 400 web pages over again individually.
Lastly, I wanted to try out some of the newer css techniques I’ve been following on sites such as a list apart.

So don’t be surprised in the next month when you see a whole new amyoisageek world. I might even blog about my design process and inspiration if you’re interested!



9 thoughts on “New blog design

  1. Lucy-loo says:

    *baby voice* but it will still be amyoisageek world wont it?:S

  2. Amyo says:

    Oh yeah, all the same dodgy crap from me will be here – it will just look a little different. 🙂

  3. Lucy-loo says:

    damn it…. i mean….no stuff it i mean damn it.jokes! dont change it, i’ll die on the inside.

  4. Amyo says:

    Me thinks you are resistant to change. You seemed to deal ok with Kelly’s constant toing and froing of her colours ok. I think you will enjoy the change. 🙂

  5. Kel says:

    Nothing wrong with a few changes every now and then, even if it IS every day. Besides, the colour changes come from my trying to change the entire appear, breaking the css file, and then having to restore it to a standard moveable type template 🙂

  6. Lucy-loo says:

    yea but kellys site is crap, i love you kelly. Cant wait to see what your going to change it into! have a fun on a the gold coast, write a longish post when you get back. 😉

  7. Kel says:

    Yeah, my site IS crap 😛 should try and use those family relations to improve it! Just kidding. One day I’ll make it good, but I have no idea of what to put on it!! Hrm, there’s a plan!

  8. Aunty Margi says:

    sitting with ya dad having fun changing the world. Sent my email to the wrong site but hope I have the right one now.



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