I started blogging the first day of our trip but when I read it back I virtually fell asleep. Instead of my usual long detailed blog entry, I’ll give the highlights:

  • Absolutely loved having a driver even if it was only for the airport and soceroo related stuff. I could get used to that! Way better than any taxi cause I didn’t have to pay him at the end
  • Met four of the socceroos – Kevin Muscat, Archie Thompson, Mark Milligan and Joel Griffiths. Didn’t actually had lunch with them, more like ate lunch, listened to them answer some questions and then got them to sign some shirts. Nice guys though
  • The socceroos watched my NAB ad on the phone which was really cool. Now I can say Archie Thompson touched my phone
  • Got sick the day after meeting the guys, so our trip to Manly and our walk down Oxford St was pretty subdued. Thankfully Pauline was sick also and Danielle had blisters so they weren’t going all energetic either
  • Once again a visit to Sydney for me means a huge bizarre storm. This time it was all bright and blue in the morning turning in to a freak hail storm in the afternoon. We took shelter in a pizza cafe just off Kings Cross and watched it virtually snow there was that much hail.
  • Danielle left us to meet up with Faye and Mel on Wednesday so Pauline and I wandered the city. Being sick, this meant we would go and sit on the monorail, then go and sit in the Botanic gardens, then go sit at Circular Quay, then go back to the hotel and lay down for three hours. Definitely the least active I’ve ever been on a holiday
  • Cool seats to watch the Australia vs Kuwait game – even had Andy Harper from Nerds FC commentating a few seats behind us.
  • Got interviewed by NAB for NAB TV. I discovered I’m pretty shit at interviews, but you’ll never know until you try it
  • Our trip to the Taronga Zoo was great. I enjoyed every aspect about it – the only blight was that we had to leave at 3.00pm to catch our flight.
  • I watched Australian Idol the other night and spun out because all of the contestants were staying in the same hotel we had stayed at – The Menzies



2 thoughts on “Socceroos in Sydney

  1. dbee says:

    You forgot to mention the sardine like conditions on the train we caught in the CBD at peak hour!! Where we actually had to get off at the wrong station because we couldn’t stand the squeeze!! Classic! I’ll never forget the grins on our faces as we peered at each other through limbs and overcoats and all the other commuters wondering what we were laughing at?! 😉 p.s. thanks again Amy for taking me to the lunch and the game. Absolute honour and a bloody good holiday!


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