Well it finally happened as much as I fought against it. I’ve had my first accident on my scooter that involved someone else. Let me set the scene…

I’d been sick for 5 days and this was my first day back at work. I was on my way home and had been stalked by a white lancer the whole way from the city to the convention centre. He was right up my butt so I took notice. I also took notice when he peeled off me at the convention centre and sped in to the distance. Without trying I happened to get stuck behind him at the bottom of Highgate Hill near the Thai on High restaurant. The lights were red, there were about three cars in front of me and then a motorcycle. The lights changed, everyone took off, everyone braked suddenly because the motorcycle decided to pull in to the shops. I was too close to the white lancer and wasn’t able to brake hard enough.

Crunch, fuck, beep and bang. That’s all I heard. Somehow while pulling hard on the brakes I managed to beep the horn at the same time as well as holding on tight so I didn’t fly over the handlebars on to the car’s boot. We both pulled over to inspect the damage. I ended up beside the bastard motorcycle guy who’d assisted in causing the accident but I completely ignored him. I was too busy checking the white marks on the front tyre scoop which thankfully was plastic and just bent on impact. The white car didn’t have a scratch so I gave him the thumbs up and rode off. He pulled up beside me at the next set of lights and asked again if I was ok. I said yeah but by then my knees were starting to hurt and my left arm was throbbing. I was a little bit more cautious on the way home.

The lesson for me now is to always be at the front in a set of lights because cars suck. 🙂 The other lesson of course is not to ride so close and big cars take three hours to take off from a stopped position. They are also better at braking than me. Thankfully the whole thing was at a low speed and I only ended up with some purple knees and a bit of tenderness in my arms. I didn’t even drop the bike which was impressive – especially considering I was sick! Hopefully this will be my last and only accident.



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  1. Mum says:

    Thanks very much for telling me about your accident. I went on the site to read about Hong Kong and instead I catch up on your other news. Are you okay now? Please slow down I don’t want to start worrying about you riding to work again. Love Mum


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