I’ve been a little bit bored with my site lately so I’ve added a skin to change the look and feel of it. I’ve also added a lifestream link on the right hand side courtesy of friendfeed. This enables you to see what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the internet, like on twitter, youtube, delicious or google reader. Excellent for stalking. If you are really really interested in me, you can just go to friendfeed and subscribe to that rss feed, since it has everything including the blog.

Another thing I’m going to do in the future, is when I’m travel blogging I’m going to stop using thumbnail pictures and go a bit bigger with the images so you can actually see what I’m talking about. Virtually everyone I know is on broadband now, so I think I can risk a bit of bandwidth usage. And travel blogging I will be doing. I’ve booked a trip to America in April/May flying V Australia and I’ll have 5 weeks of action packed blogs to write. For now though, I’m actively planning the trip using evernote, google maps and delicious.

All this research ends up on google maps for me to play with and manipulate. You can view these maps here:

They are in no way finished (really, they’ve only just begun) and probably won’t be until the day I leave on the plane. If you want to keep up to date with them, there is an rss button at the top right of the map that will allow you to subscribe to it in your news reader. Just click on the link and your browser will do the rest.

Most of the icons are obvious but there are a few vague ones;

  • shopping bag for shopping
  • faces for arts/entertainment
  • knife and fork for restaurant
  • burger and shake for fast/cheap food
  • martini for bar
  • purple marker for hotel
  • camera for sightseeing
  • weird purple webcam for free sightseeing
  • SF for sneaker stores
  • green walkers for walks/hikes

If you have any suggestions for the maps, either put them in the comments of the google map (on the left hand side there is a link) or throw a comment in here.



7 thoughts on “Planning for my USA Trip

  1. borogirl says:

    Hey Amy

    Would love to know what you think of Virgin’s flights as well as Portland. Really want to go there one day – planning my own US/Mexico trip in March 2010.

    Some of the most fun I have on a trip is in the planning, so enjoy!

    Victoria aka Borogirl on Twitter.

  2. Amyo says:

    Portland is one of the places I’m most excited about visiting too. When a town has a catchphrase of “Keep Portland Weird!” I know I’m going to like it. Mexico would be cool to visit as well, I want to try to fit it in, but I doubt I’ll be able to achieve it in the time frame.

  3. Kel says:

    Where did we find that cool graveyard of old Vegas stuff? It was in the book that we got you for your birthday…HAVE to go there!!

    And really love the look of the site now, it definitely makes it look a lot more interesting!

  4. Kel says:

    Although I’m intrigued to find out why you chose to make us look like monsters when we post *grin* what are you trying to say?!

  5. Amyo says:

    Wondered if you noticed the monster thing. 😀 They are your monster ids and they are created based on your nickname if I remember correctly. It’s a default thing in wordpress, you can do it to yours too.

    Graveyard will appear shortly in the Las Vegas map, hurry up and make some money so you can come – you know you’ll regret not going.

  6. borogirl says:

    I recommend watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on both Vegas and Portland before you go. He goes to the Vegas graveyard as well as Voodoo donuts in Portland. Dreaming of a bacon donut!!

  7. Jonathan says:

    I am looking for a planner to help me draw a motorcycle trip with my son for 7 days in New York and surrounding states – West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey .
    This is a Bar Mitzva trip and we wish to combine lots of attractions with Motorcycling traveling, like white water rafting, Amusement parks, RV riding,etc.

    Thanks for your help



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