Day 8 – Philadelphia to New York

Checked out of the Hilton Garden Inn and left our bags at hotel. We enjoyed our stay there and it’s location was really good for walking around the middle of Philadelphia. Breakfast was Amish (or dutch) pancakes eaten on the main street of the road because we were meeting Sue and Fiona outside the Hard… Continue reading Day 8 – Philadelphia to New York

Day 7 – Philadelphia

Breakfast was an egg and cheese roll from a street cart. He scrambled the eggs then and there and boom, we had a fresh and non greasy egg roll. I was blown away at how good it tasted. They have great bread in Philadelphia. Walked up to the Philadelphia Visitor Center from our hotel and… Continue reading Day 7 – Philadelphia

Day 6 – Ronks to Philadelphia

Yet another day of missing photos. 🙁 *Update – the photos were recovered off the external hard drive* Had a restless night in the Olde Amish Inn. The bed was rather uncomfortable which made it difficult to sleep. But it did have a mirror and the sink outside the room where the toilet and shower… Continue reading Day 6 – Ronks to Philadelphia

Planning for my USA Trip

I’ve been a little bit bored with my site lately so I’ve added a skin to change the look and feel of it. I’ve also added a lifestream link on the right hand side courtesy of friendfeed. This enables you to see what I’ve been up to elsewhere on the internet, like on twitter, youtube,… Continue reading Planning for my USA Trip