Kelly loves these things, so I’m going to do mine for her as a special new years present

  1. Lose weight in time for our USA trip. Sitting in cattle class needs to be comfortable and I want to be fit.
  2. Get a new kitchen, the 70s old one looks yuk and needs a dishwasher
  3. Stop being frivolous with money and try to save for kitchen and usa trip
  4. Eat more fruit and less chocolates
  5. Read my mail once a week
  6. Go and watch more Queensland Roar women matches
  7. Meet some new people face to face
  8. Do something adventurous like spelunking or river rafting
  9. Get rid of the head high weeds in the front yard. I don’t have to do it, they just have to be gone
  10. Read a book once a month – I do that less now I have the internet



2 thoughts on “Things to complete in 2009

  1. Kel says:

    Good one!! All of them seem to be achievable if you put your mind to it. Good luck!


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