To placate Kelly, here is the list of failures I had over the year. 🙂

Cook from a Bill Granger book once a week (if I’m home) – and blog it as proof

FAIL – Had a very long period of not really cooking at all. Also had a very long period of not blogging at all. Over the past few weeks or so though I have gotten back in to cooking so I am making progress. Still love Bill Granger books though.

Have a weekend by myself solo

SUCCESS – Did one better, had an entire week in a wicked van by myself solo. This trip was really essential for me to recuperate mentally from life and I came back feeling renewed, refreshed and a lot happier. I guess as a somewhat introverted person I needed this time away.

Go Camping with Mat and Kelly

SUCCESS – Pauline arranged for quite a few people to go camping on her birthday and we finally got to sleep on uncomfortable ground but have lots of fun doing it.

Buy a dishwasher

FAIL – Still haven’t got a new kitchen and therefore no dishwasher. This will surely happen in 2009!

Go to Sydney

SUCCESS – I’m not sure if a one hour stopover on the way to Hong Kong counts, but I did surprisingly get to go in December for a work trip. Didn’t spend long there though, just long enough to eat some good german food and get chatted up by men in a gay bar.

Be more environmentally friendly and reduce my power usage

FAIL – I didn’t really do anything here. 🙁

Do my tax on time

FAIL – Bigtime – I still haven’t done it.

Lessen my addiction to consumerism (not sure how I’ll measure this)

EVEN – I removed all rss feeds about sneakers and cut my purchases down of shoes, but I did go shopping in Hong Kong and also buy a Dell mini laptop. I think I’m not so bad this year, but not good enough to call it a success.

One day a fortnight without tv or internet

FAIL – A few accidentals from not being at home, but definitely not a concerted effort to turn off the boxes.

Read my mail at least once a week

FAIL – Once a month more like it.

Fail to success score is 6 to 3 with one even. This means I suck. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Things to complete in 2008 – Results

  1. Kel says:

    Still very very impressed that you updated the list, I actually couldn’t even remember you writing the list in the first place! hahaha

    Hope you’re doing one for 2009?


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