This morning they will be showing the Steve Irwin memorial tv show on Australian tv. A lot of schools are going to have it on for the kids to watch but there has been a lot of debate over whether they should. Some schools have sent home notes for parents to sign while others have decided not to show it at all. I think this is all a crock of bullshit trying to shield kids from reality. I think it’s important to show them that life isn’t always rosy and that people they know and love will disappear or die. If you continually hide that from them, there will finally come a moment when all hell will break lose and they won’t be equipped to deal with it because they have no experience. Most of them will only know Steve off the tv which in reality means that the impact on their lives is minimal compared to the death of their parent or something. Why not break the pain of life in nice and easy with a celebration of the life of a great man.

Get some perspective people.



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  1. Kel says:

    Well said. The world is becoming far too paranoid, I swear. No video games – too violent. No movies – too violent (yet the news is OK). No taking photos of children playing sport because it may be used for pornography. IT’S FOR MEMORIES!!


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