Today is my birthday and I’ll I’ve heard all day is “you’re really hard to buy a present for”. I’ve found that comment surprising as I always thought I’d be easy. I thought being as obvious as I am about my interests would make it a little easier but it seems not. So, perhaps belatedly, here is the idiot’s guide to buying a birthday present for Amy.

  • Music. Buy me an album you think I might like. But make sure it isn’t prepackaged pop, an idol star or fake depressives
  • Dvds. I like movies, especially off-beat or underdog wins the day
  • Anything soccer related. I’ve got nearly everything that is Australian, so maybe something Queensland Roarish?
  • Lesbian books are always popular, especially if it makes my straight friends have to go and buy them
  • Travel books that tell a story. For example books similar to Bill Bryson or Vroom with a view
  • An airline ticket around the world (maybe not in everyones budget)
  • Anything vespa related
  • A threadless t-shirt

Things that don’t go down well

  • underwear
  • makeup
  • jewelry

Hopes this helps you for christmas mum! 😉



9 thoughts on “They say it’s your….

  1. Scuppers says:

    Wow, I didn’t know, I suck as a cousin. Happy Bday anyway.

  2. Kel says:

    No concert tickets when you’re hung over? Aw gee, and I thought I had a last minute winner.

    What about supporter material for use when going to Australia vs. Paraguay? As you can tell I bought myself a time extension since I won’t see you until that match *grin*

    And did my a dodgy text message with a birthday cake and music that’s not even happy birthday cover the birthday greeting?

  3. Lynne says:

    thanks Amy but with alzheimers setting in I will probably need a reminder

  4. Lynne says:

    anyway I thought the tupperware onion chopper was a good present so next time I ask you to chop onions I won’t be presented with the sight of Amy in sunglasses chopping onions and what about the b’day lunch. I think you will remember the Stones Corner Pub and Ella for a few years to come and not to mention the Ikea tidy boxes for the Ikea computer desk. All original

  5. Kel says:

    Thats our mum – always practical in gift giving. She gives some cool gifts – I got a surprise present of this scent thingo where you put sticks in it and it brings the fragrance out into the room, and from her recent ikea trip, some cool shaped ice cubes. I might try some artsy fartsy photos of them soon…I’ve got long stick ones and some arrow ones *grin*

    I’m sure Amy loves her presents just as much Mum (aka Lynne)

  6. kate says:

    hmmmm, looks like I did alright, straight off the top of the list!

    i rekon you can’t go wrong with an album ;o)


  7. Kel says:

    What about a wonderwoman shirt that might be too small?? You never tried it on either, let me know if it fits…

  8. Madram says:

    You got a tupperware onion chapper? WOW! How special is that!


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