V for Verandah

Since I had spent two hours this morning all Cinderella like on my hands and knees clean the verandah I figured I deserved a movie reward in the afternoon. The painter painted the back deck and not only left an ungodly mess but also bruises on my knees and aches in my shoulders and arms.… Continue reading V for Verandah

Big Brother 06 thoughts

How good is this season and it’s only been a week? The pressure that Big Brother has these housemates under has never been seen before on in previous seasons. Normally the show is boring in the first week but the techniques they’ve used already have put them under unde stress and strain. Not good for… Continue reading Big Brother 06 thoughts

Natalie Portman rap

You HAVE to watch this video of A day in the life of Natalie Portman (you know, Star Wars and Garden State). I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Who knew that she was so tough?

Stalking made easy

Wonder where Belinda Carlisle or Debbie Gibson lives? Want to know how far Micheal J Fox has to drive between his 3 residences? Now comes a celebrity maps meets google maps mashup of all your favourite stars. I wish this website existed when I went to America. Not that you’d see anything other than their… Continue reading Stalking made easy

Westside forever baby

I’ve spent the Queen’s Birthday long weekend running from crooked cops, starting and finishing gang wars, stealing guns from the army, collecting flowers for my bitch and cycling to the gym. A quiet weekend compared to my usual. I also got 6 tattoos, some blonde corn rows, a fire paint job for my lowrider and… Continue reading Westside forever baby

Wonder Whedon

Right now I am incredibly and irrationally excited about a movie that hasn’t even begun filming yet. Joss Whedon has just signed on to write and direct the new Wonder Woman movie. As the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer he already has the female superhero down pat so I can’t wait to see what… Continue reading Wonder Whedon