sq_wonder_woman_teaser.jpgRight now I am incredibly and irrationally excited about a movie that hasn’t even begun filming yet. Joss Whedon has just signed on to write and direct the new Wonder Woman movie. As the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer he already has the female superhero down pat so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. My only hope is that the woman who is wonderful will be played by someone with a bum, boobs and hips. Not some scrawny stick figure without sex appeal. A girl just out of her teens is wrong, a blonde haired woman is wrong and Catherine Zeta Jones is wrong. If Lindsay Lohan was older and not a redhead I’d suggest her for the role, but since she is too busy getting pissed in nightclubs she probably isn’t the best choice. If Dannii Minogue would put on some weight and stop singing she might stop get employed for the role but she’s blonde now. So who is my submission for Wonder Woman?

Caroline Dhavernas from the now cancelled “Wonderfalls“. See, she already has experience with wonders!

Can anyone beat that suggestion?



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