I’m more than a bit late to the party since the last episode of season two was shown on tv this week, but I am totally gushing over Little Britain. Numerous people have mentioned it to me over the past few months but I only watched a whole episode for the first time last night. Then watched it again showing Pauline my favourite parts.

I absolutely love Davyyd the only gay in the village, the two ladies who show photos to each other and yes but no but yes but Vicky Pollard. I think what makes it even better is that I can go to work and quote the lines with Malcolm and Keith. We haven’t yet got sick of using “The computer says noooo”. The show is good because it isn’t afraid to be a little bit naughty. It’s also got enormous star power in Tom Baker (Dr Who) and Tony Head (Giles from Buffy).

This show has moved to the top of my must get from the video store list. I think I’ll go in and say “I want that one”. 😉

Davyyd the only gay in the village



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    But you said you didn’t like that one. You said shows like this were… lol


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