Flicking through the new October foxtel guide this morning I got really excited when I saw that you can get the Foxtel IQ installed for $10 and then pay $5.95 a month from then on for the priviledge. I thought that was great until Pauline rained on my parade and said it was actually $15.95, $10 more a month than you would pay if you got the $395 install fee. Both of us agreed that this was a crock until I realised that it would take you about 40 months of foxtel before you had to pay the equivelant of the $395 install fee. Which I thought was pretty good up until that 40 month point but then after that you are still paying $15.95 while the others are paying $5.95 which sucks. This subscription model can be a pain because if foxtel suddenly decides to bump up the fee to $19.95 then you have no recourse other than to cancel or pay it.

So basically, the plans are both the same once you hit the 40 month mark, but after that the people who doled out the big cash to start with are better off on their $5.95 a month plan – UNLESS foxtel raises the subscription fee over the next 3 years. Then the birthday present deal is the winner. So is a present or not? I don’t know cause I can’t see in to the future. 



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