My new ipod battery arrived from Hong Kong yesterday so Pauline and I gathered around my ipod in the kitchen, said it’s last rights (just in case i wrecked it) and set about pulling it to pieces. It is suprisingly difficult to prise open the case but once you know the trick it isn’t too bad. The documentation that comes with it is pretty confusing so I resorted to watching a small movie of a guy doing it. It was actually what he said that brought about the breakthough. He said to squeeze the silver and white bits up and across which allowed the tool that was provided with the battery to get one of the clips and then it was a matter of sliding it around.

I noticed when I opened the case that the square box where the headphones go in was dented and a little burnt which I wondered whether it was by design or whether it happened when I dropped the ipod down the escalator at the train station years ago. Taking the hard drive out was oddly fun as it has a thin piece of coppery type stuff that has a tiny little clip that attaches to the motherboard. I got tiny little geek chills from that little piece of fun – i think because it wasn’t a huge IDE cable or SATA. The actual  battery replacement was uneventful and then it was all put back together. In the video the guy clips it everything back in and it immediately turns on. When I went to turn mine on… nothing. Then I realised it was on hold, so I tried again and …. nothing. I thought maybe it wasn’t charged so it was plugged in to the pc and… success!

The whole process was actually pretty easy and after an entire day of listening to the ipod (about 8 hours and still had more juice left) I’m incredibly happy. I never even got 3.5 hours out of the original so for the $21 AU dollars I spent I’m happy as Steve Jobs.



4 thoughts on “New ipod battery

  1. mib says:

    Steve Jobs??? Say that with reverence and head bowed. He is god to Apple fanatics.

  2. Kel says:

    I think that means I just graduated from “not being a geek” school. Wicked.


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