I jumped on the podcasting bandwagon really early but it was perhaps too prematurely as the big players hadn’t yet gained supremecy. I was stuck sorting through the really shitty podcasts and lamenting that I had wasted my bandwidth downloading the crap. I gave it up as a bad idea and stuck to the music I wanted to listen to without any talking. It’s now almost a year later and itunes has it integrated in to the application , offers an easy 1 click subscription method and even has a top 10 podcast chart. All the diehards have sorted the wheat from the chaff and now I can come back and benefit from their hard work.

The reason I bring this up now is because I accidently started playing an old Tracks Up the Tree podcast I had and found that I really enjoyed it. It’s refreshing because it likes a radio broadcast but instead of playing music that is paid for by the record companies he just plays music that he likes and informs you where he got it from. This made me think that I should revist the podcasting genre and give some other guys a second chance. I’ve subscribed to some triple j podcasts and a travel one as well. Haven’t listened to them yet so I don’t know if I’ll keep up the subscription but I’m feeling positive.

The thing I find the funniest about this whole phenomenon is that people got ipods because they wanted to listen to their own music without having the radio announcer butting in every 5 minutes, but now we download the stuff with the talking in it!  



3 thoughts on “Podcasting revival

  1. Mystery Man says:

    I have just fully gotten into Podcasing myself only recently. I just love the Dawn & Drew Show and The Feast of Fools. No wonder why my friends always never know what I am talking about, I am becoming such a geek!

  2. amyo says:

    I am going to have to look those two up and try them out. I also have to find myself a really good pop podcast because everyone just seems to do indie music. I don’t want pop like Mariah Carey, I want pop like Kelly Osbourne. That new album is incredibly cool in a first record of Madonna way.

  3. Kel says:

    Oh my god, I’m a geek!! I know the Dawn and Drew show, I heard their “100th episode” pretty funny stuff. They’re very um…wacky.

    (FYI – I found out about Dawn & Drew from another friend of mine who’s addicted to listening to Podcasts on his shuffle – which I talked him into buying *claimer*)


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