D.E.B.SFor months the people around me have had to put up with me complaining about how Hollywood action movies aren’t impressive anymore – in fact they are dead boring.  Well thanks to the Brisbane Queer Film Festival I discovered an action film that restored my faith in the genre. Oddly, the film not only broke the mould for action films, but also began it’s own sub-genre. D.E.B.S is as far as I know the first lesbian comedy action film. Basically imagine the Charlie’s Angels 2 storyline but instead of Demi trying to kill all the Angels, she actually falls in love with one of them.

I had seen the short version of the film at last years festival and thought it was excellent. When I went home to google more information I was pleased to discover that it was being made in to a full length feature. I was a bit annoyed that they had changed some of the main actresses (mainly Tammy Lynn-Michaels) but was still extremely happy that it was being made. My excitement built up over the year until the Americans got to see it and said dispariging things about it. I knew I would see it regardless and was damn glad I did. Maybe the people who watched it didn’t get it but I thought it was pretty bloody funny.

The best bits were when they were hanging in the restaurant, the russian assassin jokes and the guns that Max has. It didn’t have as much over the topness that the short had and it’s comic timing wasn’t as quick either but it was kick ass regardless. Still don’t understand what Lucy Diamond had against us aussies though. She reckoned it was our atitude or something but that isn’t enough reason to want to sink us.

I’m definitely buying this DVD.



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