This small but lovingly updated blog is now averaging at least 30 hits a day just for Missy Higgins searches. The comments on that entry have now gone over 55 – phenomenal for a site that previously had a record of 29 which was basically just a family conversation held in public.

So what’s with all the Missy Higgins love? I know most of you guys are getting here by searching for “Is Missy Higgins a lesbian”, but what is that propels you all to profess your love for her here? Is it because you thought I slighted her and feel the need to protect her? Or is there no good forum for the Missy Higgins fans?

Don’t get me wrong, like all little bloggers I don’t mind a bit of readership, and am loving all the feedback you guys give about her, I’m just interested for my own research purposes.



3 thoughts on “Missy Higgins is a pirate

  1. Kel says:

    Don’t lie, you just put in the words “is Missy Higgins a lesbian?” so you get double hits 🙂

  2. scuppers says:

    Why am I not shocked that Amy would do a thing like that, after all that alone time she probably wants a bit of company


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