Sorry for the lack of updates with the coffee mission, it’s not because I wasn’t doing it, more because I got preoccupied with my computer issues. Here is a quick update on what I’ve found. I’ll also begin the star rating system, 5 being the highest (just like in itunes). Currently I rate Cube as my benchmark at 4.5 stars. Also please excuse the fact that I lost track of how much they cost. They are all between $2.60 and $3.00.

(20 April) Bar Merlo, George St, cappucino, $2.75, too distracted to know who made the coffee. Not a bad cup, I’d rate it up in the higher half. Merlo beans are usually always nice. 3.5 stars

Juice and Java(21 April) Juice and Java, Anzac Square building, cappucino. OMG don’t bother. The most vomit worthy coffee I’ve ever had made from a espresso machine. I think there were still grinds in it. I had to force myself to finish it so I could review it properly. A sickly looking girl with a studded belt made it. Not worth even putting it near the word star.

Hudsons(22 April) Hudsons Coffee, George St, cappucino. This place is from the starbucks school of coffee. Nice colours, modern design, very nice cups. I think the coffee was too hot and a little milky. It’s coffee flavour was way too subtle for me to notice it, a long haired blonde girl was the barista. 2.5 stars (bumped up half a star cause I loved the cup)

(26 April) Kia, Ann St, flat white. It’s across the road from Central Station and Palace Backpackers. It was smooth and suprising. Sorry it wasn’t a cappucino, I was half asleep when I ordered it. 3 stars.

Atari(27 April) Characters Cafe, George St, cappucino. I didn’t take away and also had lunch there. Pretty good coffee for a place that is more geared towards food. I’d probably rate the Hudsons drink over it though. For your enjoyment I have included a photo that Jeremy took of my meal simply because it has my popular atari shirt in it. For some reason that shirt always gets approving comments and tough, you have to turn your head sideways. 🙂

Sugar N Spice(28 April) Sugar n Spice coffee, Ann St, cappucino, $2.60. It’s on the street level of the Anzac Square building. All dark wooden panels and even serves take home tea leaves. This coffee was bloody good. It was hot enough to burn my tongue which sucked, but the flavour of the beans was perfect and it wasn’t bitter in the least. A short blonde haired girl and a dark haired guy did the stuff behind the machine but I couldn’t see who did which bit. This was as good as Cube, so I’ll give it 4.5 stars. Would have had 5 if it wasn’t so damn hot.

Now, if only I could find a place as good as Sugar n Spice or Cube that served the coffee at the right temperature! The search continues.



2 thoughts on “Coffee omnibus

  1. Kel says:

    I’ve tried Sugar n Spice on the Sunshine Coast, and their coffee is consistently fantastic. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever had a coffee at Starbucks that I wasn’t over the moon with. Hrm, I feel like one of them now. Might go get me one.

  2. mib says:

    Sorry this is nowhere near good enough. These will all have to be redoen. 8-D


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