I’m a me-time hoarder. The time with my ipod on the train to and from work is sacrosanct. It’s the time where I can listen to my music, think about things and generally wind down on my way home. This enjoyment is under threat from a lady I work with. She is someone who remained faceless to me until recently. Before then we only spoke on the phone but when we finally had a face to face she mentioned that her and I caught the train together. I thought about it the next day and wondered where she was. It was only a few days later that I noticed that she was catching the train at my stop!

Normally, same train catching is fine, because you can avoid someone by catching a different carriage or being blocked from talking to them by people in the aisles. But when they get on at the same stop it’s horrible. The person is virtually unavoidable. My me-time is under threat and I’m willing to do anything to keep it. So far I’ve been extremely rude by wearing sunglasses and the ipod totally ignoring any recognition, but it’s starting to become tiring. I spoke to her today on the phone and she sounded a bit disdainful, but I acted like nothing was wrong. She is an extremely nice lady and I have only had good dealings with her but I don’t know her that well. When the only thing you have in common is a workplace it doesn’t make sense to start what will only be a long series of small talk. I just can’t do it. I’d rather catch and earlier train or bus to avoid it.

But don’t think I’m completely greedy. I do have a friend who sometimes catches the train with me who I don’t mind talking to at all because we have stuff in common. I know him out of work and he also has an ipod. He probably gets annoyed by the fact that I’m there taking away his me-time. With him I know it’s not everyday we have to talk. It’s kind of like it’s just an extra marital affair with him and with her it would be a full time marriage support thing. I’m not ready to give up my me-time just yet and it’s at the point where I’m willing to be rude about it. Am I a bitch or what?



9 thoughts on “Me-time on the train

  1. Karyn says:

    There is nothing worse than that happening. This situation is without doubt the most difficult to deal with…because no matter what you do it’s all going to go to shit one way or another.

    This always happens to me, and because I’m a bitch, I always just end up being rude and saying mid journey “Nice talking to you” and holding up my headphones or book and getting down to business. The business being that they are now completely ignored and I get on with my book and or music.

  2. scuppers says:

    Yes amy you are one rude bitch aren’t you, completely ignoring that lady the nerve of it. Man remind me next time I am on a train with you to get off at the very next stop possibly making me lost lol 😛

  3. Kel says:

    Either that, or take the ipod off her and start listening to it yourself. Wow – wouldn’t we see the “angry” amy then!

  4. dbee says:

    mmm…I wonder who that mystery man is?? 😉 You’re right tho Amy..the mystery man (aka my very own flatmate!) does like his ‘me’ time and sometimes I wonder whether I’m cramping his ‘carriage’ space! LOL..kiddin. I do empathise with you tho..maybe you should just explain that you have some sort of music project to complete and your travelling time is the only chance for you to partake in research for it! 🙂

  5. MysteryMan says:

    Oh I finally am mentioned on somebody’s blog! Although I am not mentioned by name but as some sort of a mystery man, but that’s ok.

    I sometimes have felt bad in the past talking to you on the train as I am interrupting the ‘me time’. I have read this this is so important to you. But after reading this I am glad to know that I am not intruding with our ‘extra marital affair’ and our occasional sectret rendezvous at the train station.

  6. Janey says:

    Remeber young Amy, practice random acts of kindness and you will reap Kamaic rewards…


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