Continuing my coffee mission

Name: Hard Coffee
Location: Storefront is on Adelaide St down the bottom of the Anzac Square Building
Coffee: Cappucino
Price: $2.something
Size: small
Purchase time: 10.20am
Barista: Short balding dude

Hard Coffee

Almost an art deco feel to this store and it is part of a small chain as I also saw a Hard Coffee store near the GPO across from Post Office Square. The store is a lot longer than it is wide but the back looks like a good quiet place to meet a friend or have a meeting. The coffee was a bit hot and a little bitter, similar to Java Coast. The cup has a cool logo, but it is one of those polystyrene ones which I’m not too fond of.

Hard Coffee

Verdict: Ignore this place for takeaways and go to Sugar N Spice a few stores down. But it is a good place to have a coffee with a friend.



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