Since I had spent two hours this morning all Cinderella like on my hands and knees clean the verandah I figured I deserved a movie reward in the afternoon. The painter painted the back deck and not only left an ungodly mess but also bruises on my knees and aches in my shoulders and arms. He was sloppier than me with the paint so I’m pretty annoyed about it. It almost made me want to exact revenge so instead I just watched a film about it.

V for Vendetta doesn’t seem to have the buzz it deserves. It is absolutely the best film I’ve seen all year. There is a lot of dialog combined with action so you really have to concentrate to follow it but if you equate it to America’s political scene right now it makes a lot of sense. You’ll have to pretend that the England in the film is America. Probably my only beef with it was that it resorted to a lot of Nazi type symbolism which although visually appealing is a bit too obvious. The movie is a cocktail of Phantom of the Opera/12 monkeys/X men/Animal Farm/Micheal Moore. Very pretty, very violent, very thoughtful and very much a Wachowski film (the guys who wrote the matrix). It’s based on a comic but the Alan Moore – the comic writer has completely removed himself from the adaption. Apparently he thinks the american production changed the story to be about america but were too weak to actually set it in their own country. Regardless of what he thinks, I reckon this is a film to own on dvd and I don’t give that recommendation often. Compelling film!



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