I’m about to let you into the dialog in my mind as I went to see The Island the other night.

Hmm there is a lot of people here at 8.55pm on a tight ass Tuesday. Lucky it’s in the Imax theatre.
Geez, even though they started 20 mins late due to the Brisbane Film Festival they still find time to show 20 mins of trailers.
I didn’t think the Dukes of Hazzard would be any good but that short snippet looked appealing – of course they could just be showing the only good bits in the film.
Wedding Crashers looks lame but I’ll probably see it on dvd anyway.

That’d be right, the film starts and then some stranger decides to sit next to me.
I wonder what this movie is about? Ooh it looks a bit sci-fiish.
What’s with the white clothes?
Why is he pointedly talking about a missing shoe in a drawer full of the same puma trainers?
That technology with the toilet exists now.
Ewan McGregor has no bum.
Scarlett is HOT.
I guess Xbox won the console wars if they are still playing it in 2019.
I wonder what his parents were thinking when they called him Sean Bean.
Oh it’s kind of a medical movie.
Hey, he was Peter in Benson, or that character in one of the Star Treks.
Quick run!
That’s absurd.
That Chevrolet truck is HUGE.
That guy is pretty cute in the Calvin Klein ad.
So MSN search will have information kiosks in the future.
That was so cool with the jet bikes and train wheels.
God they’re not running again!
How long is this taking – we still have the sex scene and the bad guy confrontation to go!
Oh shit, I forgot my house key, I hope Pauline is awake to let me in.
The ad for Calvin Klein with Scarlett in it was more sensual than this sex scene.
Hmm that didn’t take much to do that.
Oh yeah right.
This ending is so copied from that Qantas ad and this film has so much product placement I felt like I was watching Channel 9.
I need some new shoes, I wonder what those ones were in the movie? (Yes I realise the contradiction)
That film was a good concept but was way too long and Scarlett was wasted. Don’t bother until it is on dvd. Also the poster was the crappiest poster I’ve seen for a movie in a long time and I’m not the only person to think so.



3 thoughts on “What I thought of The Island

  1. CamDS says:

    Xbox might have won the war but there is a secret resistance of Nintendo users fighting to overthrow the empire. 🙂
    Thanks for the heads up… might wait for DVD…

  2. Amyo says:

    Yeah, only the institutionilised white clothed people play Xbox while the rest of the world is playing Playstation or Nintendo. 🙂

  3. Mystery Man says:

    I found the movie to be really hard to watch. I was pretty close to walking out because I found that about half of the movie was all over the place and was a bit… well… crappy. Oh, and the product placement through out the movie was rather annoying too. And if MSN search will have information kiosks in the future, please kill me!


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