Arrested Development is a great tv show and now you can watch it for free legally over the net which is a really great thing. Only problem is, you have to adhere to a strict set of rules laid down by microsoft:


Which isn’t so good since I am a Mac user without Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. The Flash part I’ve got covered since I’ve been watching videos quite easily on youtube and revver using Flash WITHOUT internet explorer OR windows media player. The only thing missing is the “it must be version 7.1.3 of IE and 2.4 and a half media player which you can only install if you have installed SP2 of Windows XP and enabled your firewall to open all ports and install an Nvidia video card”. Really easy for Grandma to work out.

This is a perfect example of why youtube was sold for trillions and billions of dollars to google and Microsoft is floundering with operating systems in development for 5 years. Microsoft have a talent for “arresting the development” of the internet (which Bill Gates famously thought was a fad).

I’ll applaud the effort msn for attempting to put content on the web, but unfortunately the execution is a sad failure.



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