Lately Bloglines has been doing strange things to my rss feed. I have my rss feed spliced by feedburner to display the things I’ve dugg on digg, my flickr photos as well as the stuff I write on this blog. Normally in Bloglines when you view an entry it’s marked as read and you don’t get notified about it again. Since their last software update this hasn’t seemed to be happening to my blog – along with some other ones that I subscribe to. I’m a little confused because google reader has no such issue with my feed. For now I haven’t figured it out as I’m hoping Bloglines will resolve it for me.

But even with Bloglines problems, if you aren’t subscribing to the rss feed in whatever feed reader you choose, you are missing out on cool stories such as “What Michael Jackson would look like without plastic surgery” and “Biking can make women’s genitals less sensitive“. How could you stand to be missing that? 🙂



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