Our last day in Tokyo and we just had to go back to Harajuku to buy some gifts for people and some sneakers. At the entrance to Harajuku under the Teakeshita(!) sign I managed to flatter a lady by asking if I could take a picture of her in her cosplay outfit. On the weekend the cosplay game is great, which is part of the reason why we wanted to return. I would have spent longer lining up the shot, but I already felt awkward asking for the photo, so this is the best I got.

Harajuku dress up on Takeshita Street

Claire got in to the spirit of cosplay

Claire enjoying hatsWhile I focused on the incredible food choices like fairy floss

Giant Candy Floss in Harajuku


Santa Monica Crepes Harajuku

Before settling on a Croquant Chou ZakuZaku *drools*

Croquant Chou ZakuZaku

Although I was tempted by some out there clothing selections, I did not succumbJumper in HarajukuCrazy shoes at Tokyu HandsAfter Harajuku we wandered around Shibuya looking for love hotels (but failed) and investigated the Tokyu Hands department store, where Claire found a beautiful Delsey bag she lusted after.

Tokyu Hands

We checked out the mural at Shibuya of Hachikō the dog

Hachikō mural at Shibuya

Had our final meal at a very well known Tonkatsu restaurant which was DELICIOUS

Maisen Tonkatsu in Shibuya

We said goodbye to the small yet well designed JR Blossom Hotel in Shinjuku

JR Blossom Hotel

JR Blossom HotelJR Blossom Hotel

Then got on the Nex train to the Narita airport

Nex train to NaritaNex train to Narita

The comfort levels on this train were a marked difference to what we experienced when we arrived and screwed up but by now we were Japanese rail experts.Inside business class on Nex Train to Narita

Japan was a mind-blowing experience and one I would be quick to try again. It somehow manages to balance tranquility, crowding, compliance and crazy in a way that keeps it interesting yet not overwhelming. Language didn’t seem to be a barrier, even if we can’t speak Japanese and they couldn’t speak English, we still managed to communicate. I have not even touched the surface of what I want to see there and i will definitely be back. Doumo arigatou Japan!

For more photos, check out the Flickr Album.



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