After a night out at Strike Bowling Bar for Helen’s birthday on Friday night my body was screaming in disgust at me for subjecting it to the weight of the bowling balls. My left leg hurt from putting all my weight on it and my right arm hurt from holding up the balls. I’d also somehow managed to bruise, cut and break a nail on my thumb. At least I managed to win both the most gutter balls and wooden spoon awards! Drinking and bowling makes you wake up even more tender than the usual night on the town.

I would have stayed in bed longer but the carpet layers were coming at 8.30am – late by tradesmens times. The carpet was laid by 11.30 and after playing xbox games for those three hours I was of a state human enough to leave the house and buy some curtains. I’d waited for the carpet to be laid before buying the curtains so that I could take an offcut with me to assist in the selection. After discovering my measurements were a piece of shit (don’t measure with a hangover) thanks to a last minute phone call to Pauline at home, I was able to get some ready-made curtains to take home straight away. It was a toss up between maroon and chocolate colours, so I took Pauline’s advice and went for chocolate – a decision that turned out to be a good one.


Being a virgin to the art of hanging curtains I found it was easier than I expected. The hardest part was drilling the holes through the plasterboard to the bricks beneath but I found that simple because I left it up to Pauline to do. It took us until 9.30pm to hang them all but we left the cord tensioning until the next day. All the stepping up and down on chairs exacerbated my leg pains so I virtually collapsed in to bed.


Sunday morning and I was feeling like a train had run over me, but my desire to move the home theatre downstairs was stronger than any physical distraction. Spent the first half of the day tensioning the curtain cords and vacuuming the strands of cut carpet. The next half of the day was the one I dreaded – carrying all the stuff downstairs. I forget how painful it is to hook up all the cables and I can see why HDMI is the great way forward for cables in the future. No more caring whether it’s component, s-video or composite with 50 cables going in 50 directions. Just one cable handles all your video and audio from your device to your tv or amplifier. 10 trips up and down the stairs to carry all the stuff was pretty painful but it was nothing compared to carrying the chairs down. I reckon it took us about an hour and a half to get them all downstairs thanks to the need for long breaks in between. All worth it in the end, because now we have the grand chillies and chocolates home theatre I’ve dreamt of for years. Only thing left now is to get the projector. 😉

IMG_4020.jpgAs for the rest of the house, we get the final inspection on Tuesday and the garage door comes Friday. Then it’s nearly all over. Hoorah!



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